Delta Model LF 350 Plane Surfaces Grinding Machine


The DELTA LF350 consists of a stiff monolithic structure arm, which allows to make the best use of the power of the wheel motor. Fixed grinding tables can be equipped with different types of magnetic chucks.


Max. grindable surface 155 x 360mm
Distance between column and wheel axis 315mm
Max. distance between table-level and wheel 280mm
Rapid feed per turn of handwheel 2 mm
Micrometric feed by small handle 0,01 mm
Size of cup wheel Ø 200 x 80 x 78mm
Size of abrasive segments 50 x 20 x 90mm
Motor power of the wheel (4 HP)-3 kW
R.P.M. of the wheel  (50 Hz) 2840rpm
Electropump motor power (0,08 HP)-0,06kW
Mass of the machine 550 kg


Standard Equipment

Low tension electric system ( 24 V )
Cooling system with electropump
Wheel-holder flange and grinding wheel
Grinding wheel guard. - Table guard. - Stakes key
Instruction book
CE conformity certificate in respect to the Units
Directive 2006/42/CE
Two color  painting  RAL  5018-7032, bicomponent multicoat of paint



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