Colchester MultiTurn 2000 Manual/CNC Lathes


The MultiTurn range takes a highly established, robustly engineered lathe concept from Colchester that makes it the perfect machine for many of today’s CNC turning applications. Used CNC Lathes including the Multiturn range, are also available in Kent.


Colchester MultiTurn 2000

Height of centres 195mm
Distance between centre 1250mm
Swing over bed 400mm
Swing in gap 585mm
Gap width from faceplate 165mm
Swing over cross slide 245mm
Spindle bore 55mm
Spindle nose Camlock D1-6
Spindle centre height from floor 1086mm
Taper in nose bush No. 4 MT
Spindle speed ranges (1 to 297 rpm) (1 to 861 rpm) (1 to 2700 rpm)
Speed Motor S3-40% 7.5kW
Constant power range 69 – 2700 (5.5kW)
X-Axis working stroke 245mm
X-Axis Thrust (@ stall torque) 4.07kN
X-Axis Programmed rapid traverse rate (G00) 8m/min
X-Axis Manual mode traverse rate (jog) 3m/min
X-Axis CNC rapid traverse rate (jog) 2m/min
X-Axis maximum programmed feedrate 7750mm/min
Z-Axis working stroke 1163mm
Z-Axis Thrust (@ stall torque) 12.29kN
Z-Axis Programmed rapid traverse rate (G00) 10m/min
Z-Axis Manual mode traverse rate (jog) 6m/min
Z-Axis CNC rapid traverse rate (jog) 2m/min
Z-Axis maximum programmed feedrate 7750mm/min
Types of thread Metric / Imperial / Diametral / Module
Width over bed ways 318mm
Width of cross slide 180mm
Cross slide travel 250mm
Tailstock quill diameter 73mm
Tailstock quill travel 140mm
Tailstock quill taper No. 5 MT
Standard electrics 400V AC + 10%/-15% 50/60Hz
Electrical supply required 12kVA

Colchester MultiTurn 200 CNC Lathes UK

Standard Equipment

Siemens 828D Control with ShopTurn and Manual Machine Plus
250mm (10") dia. 3-Jaw geared scroll, super precision (Class 1), self centring chuck with :-  direct camlock mounting and one set each of hardened
Dickson Quick Change Toolpost with 4 std. & 1 Vee & 1 No.3 MT Holders & wrenches
Manually operated tailstock
Electrically interlocked chuck guard
Fully enclosed interlocked guarding
Independent sliding operators console
300100 - Machine Lighting
29010L - Standard Electric Coolant Pump, Tank, Hose & fittings
11010B – Set of machine mounting pads
11011A - Machine Toolbox Comprising :-
Centre Bush, No 3 MT Centre, No 4 MT Centre, 22mm x 24mm Spanner, Set of Metric Wrenches, Grease Gun
Automatic Slideway & Ballscrew Lubrication
Swarf tray (Roll-out)
Operation & Spare Parts Manual. Accuracy chart
Hands on Tutorial & Quick reference Guide booklets


Standard Control Features include:-

Tool nose radius compensation - ISO / ShopTurn
512 / 1024 Tools / Cutting Edges - ISO / ShopTurn
Program Guide - ISO / ShopTurn
CNC User Memory 8GB - ISO / ShopTurn
Additional Mem / CF Card - USB - ISO / ShopTurn
3D Simulation - ISO / ShopTurn
DXF Reader - ISO / ShopTurn
ShopTurn Step Programming - ISO / ShopTurn
Real Time Simulation - ISO / ShopTurn
Residual Material Check - ISO / ShopTurn
Technology Cycles - ISO / ShopTurn
Energy Monitoring - ISO / ShopTurn
Onboard Help - ISO / ShopTurn
Sinumerik Programming language - ISO / ShopTurn
Ethernet Link - ISO / ShopTurn
Background editing - ISO / ShopTurn
Machine alarm diagnostics - ISO / ShopTurn
Constant Surface Speed - ISO / ShopTurn
Coms - RS232 - CF Card - USB - ISO / ShopTurn

Colchester MultiTurn 2000 CNC Lathes in Kent, UK



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