ACM BS-LL Bandsaw Range


ACM BS LL Bandsaws come in a good range of sizes and are designed to cut non ferrous metals and plastics. Ideally suited to cut aluminium risers and general work with castings. As these machines have crowned bandwheels that are not covered with vulcanized rubber compound, these machines are the perfect choice for cutting plastics that would normally get embedded in the rubber wheels and cause long term running problems.

The ACM BS-LL range are industrial bandsaws that can be adapted to cut anything. Due to their strength, we can stretch these machines to have large clearance under guides, add variable speed to cope with various metals or plastics, and change the type of guides fitted.


BS540 LL BS640 LL BS740 LL BS840 LL BS940 LL
Fly-wheels dia 530mm* 630mm* 730mm* 830mm* 930*mm
Blade Speed 1600 mt/min. Other speed options available depending on materials to be cut
Motor Power HP 2 HP 3 HP 4 HP 5,5 HP 7,7
Max Cut Height 350mm 400mm 450mm 520mm 560mm
Max Cut width 510mm 610mm 710mm 810mm 910mm
Max blade length 4170mm 4710mm 5300mm 6000mm 6590mm
Min blade length 4250mm 4770mm 5400mm 6100mm 6690mm
Dust outlet 2 x Ø120 2 x Ø120 2 x Ø120 2 x Ø140 2 x Ø140
Table size
(W x D x H)
520 x 720mm 600 x 885mm 710 x 1000mm 800 x 1160mm 800 x 1250mm
Overall Dims. 870 x 620 x 1970mm 1050 x 620 x 2140mm 1180 x 720 x 2430mm 1410 x 820 x 2650mm 1550 x 920 x 2900mm
Packing Dims. 900 x 700 x 2200mm 1000 x 700 x 2350mm 2450 x 750 x 1250mm 2650 x 750 x 1350mm 2900 x 750 x 1500mm
Weight approx. 240kg 350kg 450kg 580kg 700kg



·            400V/3/50 self-braking motor
·            Supplementary stop on the front side of the table
·            Solid flywheels (1/3 crowned in the front) without rubber
·            Bronze scrapers on flywheels
·            Upper saw blade guide with bearing system
·            Lower saw blade guide with bearing system
·            Blade tension gauge
·            Gravity-fed blade lubrication system on felt pad
·            Increase Motor Power is Available


Perfect machine for cutting:

Aluminium Castings, plastics , composites , recycling materials


ACM BS 940 LL Bandsaw

Need a bandsaw for wood ?

ACM BS640 Industrial Bandsaw

ACM 440 Education Bandsaw





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