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Over the last 20 years, RK International Machine Tools Limited has enjoyed a working relationship with MEGA on the range of Thread Rolling machines.

Thread Rolling is often seen as a process that is not understood and as a result is rarely considered. However, there are numerous benefits to thread rolling over conventional thread/screw cutting.

These include; Shorter Cycle Time, Low cost per part, Improved Surface finish, chipless machining with no swarf, increase component accuracies, greater tensile and shear strength and resistance to wear in the machined component and upto 20% stonger thread form over thread cutting.

Please find below series of 10 videos that show how the process works along with how the machine is set-up over the course of the process through to inspection on a EUROPA MEGA TR-30T Thread Rolling Machine.

  1. Installing the Rolling Dies
  2. Adjusting the work device towards the rolling die
  3. Matching the teeth
  4. Adjusting the clutch for final match of teeth
  5. Adjust the feed distance according to the depth of the tooth
  6. Setting the timer to decide the Thread Rolling time
  7. Using the projector to check the depth of the tooth
  8. Using the projector to check the pitch of the thread
  9. Drawing back the rolling dies before changing the dies
  10. Loosening the screws first to change the bushes

Installing the Rolling Dies:

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