The latest PERFECT DT Surface Grinders with Touchscreen control

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The PERFECT range of surface grinders already provides an extensive range from the compact 150 x 450mm (6 x 18”), through to 1600 x 6000mm grinding capacities along with rotary table, horizontal spindle ring grinders with up to 600mm dia. And now, all models from the 250 x 500mm (10 x 20”) size machine to the largest, are available with the new PERFECT DT Series with a new control.

PERFECT PFG-3060DT with 300 x 600mm grinidng capacity

PERFECT PFG-3060DT with 300 x 600mm grinding capacity

“Built on the established and proven machine construction of the conventional series, the idea behind the DT Series is providing a more productive surface grinder offering superior machine control for the operator, via a touchscreen control” comments Simon Rood, Director & General Manager.

Based around the DT control, an LCD Touchscreen control panel, and features several grinding cycles installed as standard equipment, such as traditional surface grinding, plus criss-cross grinding and plunge grinding cycles.

Autocross stroke adjustment via the LCD touchscreen panel also becomes part of the standard machine as opposed to setting manually machine travel stops.

“With this new technology from PERFECT, the level of skill required to run the DT Series is not as demanding as per earlier grinding machines. With the ease of use of the interface on the HMI, the settings can easily be added to the control through simple data input.”

Simon Rood continues, “Most conventional PERFECT surface grinders are equipped with the AD5 NC Automatic Downfeed control option which involves physical buttons to create the simplest of cycles. The DT Series now features an Automatic Downfeed control as standard equipment and all data inputs for the material removal and machine travels are carried out on the Touchscreen display, and, we all can relate to a touchscreen control in today’s world.””

PERFECT PFG-50100DT Touchscreen Surface Grinder with 500 x 1000mm capacity.

To assist in keeping the working area environment cleaner and safer, the backwater splash shield is standard equipment and a clear viewing window forms the machine's table safety guard. Fully enclosed machine enclosures are available with coolant mist filtration also provides increased machine operator safety.

Beneath the dedicated DT control, the mechanics of the machine have been updated with, in the case of the Column Series (1000 x 500mm to 2000 x 700mm) features an upgraded hydraulic motor for the X-axis along with a twin-cylinder arrangement to increase safety and productivity along with stepless variable hydraulic system that features on the higher specification DT series surface grinders.

“RK International Machine Tools have worked with PERFECT in the UK & Ireland for nearly 10 years, and we believe it is important, that, with just a few enhancements, the DT Series provides operators with a considerably more productive machine. Speaking with our customers, on what improvements could be undertaken to bridge the specification between the entry-level machines to the PERFECT ADP, PLC based machines, lead to the launch of the DT Series” concludes Simon Rood.

The range of 36 models within the DT Series accompanies the PERFECT ADP & X Series PLC & CNC high-precision models.

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