OPG Invests in Brand New Surface Grinder

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PERFECT Surface Grinder for the toolroom at Omega Plastics Group

Surface grinding has a vital role in any toolroom. Whether we’re looking to keep tight tolerances or improve appearance, a surface grinder is an essential tool for ensuring accuracy. During our manufacturing processes, we are reliant on not only the accuracy but also the consistency of previous processes to support efficient manufacturing.

PERFECT PFG-D4080AH at Omega Plastics Group, Gateshead.

Omega Plastics Group has recently been successful in being awarded orders of over £2M for a wide range of multi-impression fully hardened production tools. This results in the manufacture of hundreds of core and cavity inserts, together with side cores and other ancillaries for our customers. As our customers’ requirements change from lower volume pre-production tooling to higher volume multi-impression production tooling to meet the demands of a range of sectors such as Medical, Packaging, and Building products.

This recent business-winning success was instrumental in our investment decision to extend our surface grinding capability. Improving our efficiencies and catering for multiple insert setups and larger X, Y, and Z grinding capacities. The machine is also equipped with dust extraction, an 800 x 400 mm magnetic table, and a coolant filter system.

This week we saw the arrival of our latest acquisition following a frustrating 6-week period of window shopping and searching for a viable solution. The agility of Simon Rood and the team from RK International Machine Tools resulted in the delivery of the machine within 3 weeks from placement of PO.

The new PERFECT PFG-D4080AH surface grinder was supplied and delivered to site on a prompt machine delivery lead time and in cluded installation of a digital readout.

The new PERFECT PFG-D4080AH surface grinder was supplied and delivered to Omega Plastics Group on a prompt machine delivery lead time and included the installation of a digital readout prior to shipping.

This acquisition will allow OPG to reduce its reliance on the laborious task of sub-contracting this type of work. Also through the ability of NC programming and Auto down feed of the machine to expand the multi-tasking approach of our highly skilled workforce, and allow the machine to run unattended.

A survey based on the workflow of current production demands estimated that the time saved by investing in the new surface grinding machine will result in efficiency gains of 3% resulting in saving over 180 hours compared to our smaller manual machines.

Omega Plastics Group, commented, "We are looking forward to seeing our new purchase in action!"

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