Saturno SPECIAL 2 Phosphatiser Portable Industrial Steam Cleaner


Super heavy duty industrial dry steam unit, for use in large production facilities.


Power supply 400v / 28A / 50Hz (other on request)
Power supply 18.0kW
Steam production 30kg/hour, 188oC in the boiler, 12 bar pressure
Temperature at the nozzle 150oC
Water tank capacity 100 litre
Water consumption 30 litre/hour
Detergent tank 10 litre
Phosphate tank 20 litre
Maximum hose length 12m
Electrical cable length 10m
Weight 170kg
Dimensions:  W x H x L 750 x 1010 x 1480mm



Heavy duty professional saturated steam cleaning unit with 18kW generator
For industrial, food processing and cleaning including degreasing & phosphating
Adjustable detergent mixture
Stainless steel (AISI 304) body
Used for the preparation of surface treatments including Phosphate coating, Passivation etc
Stainless steel system for phosphating and tank phosphate included
Precise adjustment of the detergent or phosphate mixture
2 x electronically controlled 9.0kW boilers
Seven functions available from the grip handle :-
steam/steam & detergent/steam & water/steam & phosphate / steam, detergent & vacuum,steam & vacuum / vacuum
Low voltage circuitry for operator safety including 12 volt hand nozzle
Starts in less than 4 minutes
No water indicator
No detergent indicator
CE, PED and IPX 5 certifications


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