Perfect PFG-50200, PFG-60200 & PFG-70200 AHR Series Column Type Surface Grinders


PERFECT AHR Series column construction models allow grinding up to 2000mm in length and feature auto-cross feed by solid state relay, longitudinal by hydraulic and vertical axis by AC servo motor.
The Double Wall Construction for the structural parts, such as the column and table, etc., for maximum rigidity and stability, especially when performing heavy grinding.


Table size 500 x 2020mm
600 x 2020mm
700 x 2020mm
Max. Grinding surface 500 x 2020mm
600 x 2020mm
700 x 2020mm
Maximum distance centre of spindle to table 600mm (Option: 800mm & 1000mm)
Table speed 5 ~ 25m/min
Table guideway V and Flat way
Auto. Cross feed increment approx. 0.5mm ~ 20mm
Rapid power cross feed approx. 900mm/min (50Hz)
Cross feed on hand wheel               1 rev 5mm
                                                              1 gra 0.02mm
Rapid power head elevation            50Hz 300mm/min
Vertical feed with MPG                     1 rev (x1) 0.1mm
(x5) 0.5mm
(x10) 1mm
                                                               1 gra (x1) 0.001mm
(x5) 0.005mm
(x10) 0.01mm
Auto down feed (Option) 0.001mm ~ 0.999mm/time
Wheel speed 50Hz 1450rpm (50Hz)
Wheel dimensions 406 x 50 x 127mm
Spindle motor 10HP/15HP (option)
Hydraulic pump motor 5HP
Auto. Cross feed motor 1/5HP
Rapid head elevation motor 1kW AC servo motor


New Features

Vertical travel driven by AC servo motor
Vertical travel operated manual by MPG
Maximum distance from centre of spindle to table:  600mm

Standard Equipment

One grinding wheel and wheel flange
Flange extractor
Wheel balancing arbour and base
Wheel dresser with diamond
Levelling screws and plates
Machine light
Rapid power elevation


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