MEGA PR60A Thread Rolling Machine for pipe and tube


For the rolling of threads onto Pipe and Tubes, the MEGA PR60A offers a 3 roll process to avoid distortion of the material during the thread rolling process. With capacities from 100mm to 18mm outside diameter, upto 50mm of material can be rolled on in-feed applications and unlimited lengths on thru-feed applications.

MEGA PR60A Thread Rolling Machine


Range of Thread
Maximum diameter 100mm
Minimum diameter 18mm
Range of length (in feed) 50mm
Range of length (thru feed) Free
Pitch 0.75-6.0mm
Speed range 130-450rpm
Rolling Dies
Maximum diameter 120mm
Bore diameter 40mm
Width range 50mm
Key way 8mm
Dies Spindle
Maximum diameter 210mm
Minimum diameter 90mm
Maximum rolling pressure 20 tons
Main power 3.75kW
Hydraulic power 2.2kW
Coolant power 0.18kE
Height from floor to spindle centre 950mm
Floor space required L x W 1250 x 1250mm
Over height 1450mm
Weight 1150kgs

MEGA PR60A Thread Rolling Machine

EUROPA Mega PR60A Thread Rolling Machine for TUBE

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