MCM Tank G Series 5AX TH MT 1600 5 Axis Horizontal Machining Centre


MCM Tank G 5AX TH MT 1600 is a Multi Tasking, 5 Axis Horizontal Machining Centre with a rotary table offering upto 500rpm. Pallet sizes upto 1400mm diameter.


Tank G 5AX TH MT 1600

Work Area
X-axis stroke 1600mm
Y-axis stroke 1500mm
Z-axis stroke 1960mm
X/Y/Z axes thrust 3000daN
X/Y/Z rapid feed speed 50m/min
X/Y/Z axes acceleration 3m/s2
Pallet dimensions d.1000 / d.1250 / d. 1400
Max. fixture height 1500mm
Max. fixture rotation diameter 2000mm
Max. fixture dimensions 2000 x 1600mm (TBD according to automation solution)
Rotary Table
Maximum rotation speed 500rpm depending on the loaded mass
Maximum load allowed on pallet 2000kg
Minimum resolution 0,0001 degrees
Option 1 – Worm Screw Transmission
Rapid rotation speed 20rpm
A-Axis tilting angle (standard version) 175 degrees (+80 / -95)
Maximum torque (standard version) 8700Nm
Minimum resolution 0,0001 degrees
Option 2 – Torque Motor Transmission
Rapid rotation speed 35rpm
A-Axis tilting angle (standard version) 175 degrees (+80 / -95)
Maximum torque (standard version) 10000Nm
Minimum resolution 0,0001 degrees
Accuracy (as per ISO 230-2 Standards)
Accuracy of positioning – linear axis (A) 5µm
Systematic positional deviation – linear axis (M) 3µm
Repeatability – linear axis (R) 4µm
Accuracy of positioning – circular axis (A) 4 arc sec
Systematic positional deviation – circular axis (M) 2 arc sec
Repeatability – circular axis (R) 3 arc sec
Tool taper HSK 100 T / Capto 8 / Capto C6
Max. speed From 8000rpm to 18000rpm
Max. power Upto 91kW
Max. torque Upto 633Nm
Accessories included Variable preloading bearings
Tool Magazine
Type Modular rack with tool movement system and exchange arm
Tool taper HSK 100 T / Capto 8 / Capto C6
Number of tools (standard version) 80 / 199
Number of tools (Option – upto) 399 – 599 – 999
Tool mass 35kg (Capto C6 15)
Maximum length 600mm / 700mm (Capto C6 350)
Maximum diameter 325mm (Capto C6 200)
Tool changing time 2.5sec
Coolant Treatment Unit (Basic Version)
Chip conveyor type Scraping type
Total tank capacity 1500litres
Filter type Self cleaning (40 microns)
Standard low pressure system
                  Flow rate 300/400litres/min (to be divided into the various machine functions)
                  Pressure 2 bar
                  Piece washing with nozzles 300/400litres/min (250 microns)
Standard high pressure system
                  Flow rate 28litres / 40litres
                  Pressure 20 bar / 80 bar




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