Linear Cyclematic CTL618EVS High Precision Toolroom Centre Lathe


The Cyclematic range of high precision toolroom lathes are ideal lathes to replace the old Hardinge HLV lathes. High speed spindles with 5C collet closers and a range of chucks, digital readouts, automatic threading options and workholding. There is also a manual turret available.

Replace your old Hardinge HLV lathe for a new Cyclematic Lathe


Spindle Capacity
With Chuck 150mm
With Expanding Collets 76mm
With Round 5C Collets 27mm
With Hexagon 5C Collets 22mm
With Square 5C Collets 19mm
With Step Chucks 27 ~ 152mm
Spindle Nose Diameter Ø55.5mm
Spindle Nose I.D/O.D 5C (10°) / 4° Taper
Spindle Speeds (Variable) 50-4,000rpm (5C) / 50-3,000rpm
(with 150mm 3- jaw chuck)
Inverter Spindle Motor 3 HP
Hole Through Spindle 31.75mm
Bar stock diameter (5C collet) Ø27mm
Distance Between Centers 457mm
Swing Over Bed 280mm
Swing Over Carriage 230mm
Swing Over Cross Slide 152mm
Carriage Power Feed Range (Variable) 8~178mm
Cross Slide Power Feed Range (Variable) 5~102mm
Cross Slide Travel 152mm
Quick-action Compound Slide Travel 2.5mm
Compound Slide Travel 76mm
Tailstock spindle diameter Ø34.5mm
Tailstock spindle taper MT #2
Tailstock spindle travel 95mm
Coolant pump 1/8HP  / 220V / 3PH
Feed inverter 1/2HP
Range of Threads 0.275 ~2.7mm (11~108 TPI)
Main motor 3 HP, 400V
AC feed motor 220V
Net/Gross weight 1100 / 1200 kgs
Machine packing dimension 2000 × 850 × 1900mm


Machine equipped with

Mitutoyo KA 200 2 Axis Digital Readout System
Collet closer
Infinitely variable spindle speeds
Single toolpost
Dual metric/imperial reading dials
Halogen light
Coolant system
Spindle guards


Linear Cyclematic CTL618 EVS Lathe


Click here to watch the video on the CTL-618e (with Digital Threading unit) and the CTL-618evs

Built around the proven spindle design and gripping on the taper of a 5C collet, with the correct work holding solution, a guaranteed circular accuracy (TIR) of up to 0.00125mm (50 millionths inch) is achievable.

The spindle design provides both collet and chuck ready without the need for any spindle adaptors. Offering such a highly accurate TIR, the collet sits directly in the spindle of the Cyclematic machine. This provides the minimum of excessive overhang from the machine's spindle headstock bearings ensuring up to 0.00125mm circular accuracy.

  • The ultimate in maximum spindle rigidity with a high percentage of the collet gripping the workpiece.
  • The least amount of spindle deflection as a result of the collet being located so close to the spindle bearings.
  • Wide range headstock with upto 4000rpm available on the collet (3000rpm with 3 jaw chuck).
  • Outstanding surface finish and high accuracy of machined components.


Extensive range of machine options for work and tool holding:

Step Chuck Collets

Step Chuck Collets: Step Chuck collets allow for components of up to 127mm to be clamped and machined for increased machining accuracy. Also available in 'Extra depth' style collets.


6 Station Turret for lathe

Six Station Turret:
The turret tool holder diameter16mm slide travel 9mm.

Automatic Indexing Turret

Automatic Indexing Turret:
The square turret is applied directly to the tool post
T-slot of the compound slide. The turret takes standard 10mm square shank tooling. By a simple movement of the ball-handled lever, the turret is automatically unlocked, indexed to the next tool position, and relocked, ready for the next machining operation.

Multifix Quick Change Tool Post

Multifix Quick Change Toolpost option:
Providing high levels of tooling compatibility.

Super precision lathes to replace the Hardinge HLV lathe you use.

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