Harrison Alpha 1460XS Manual / CNC lathe


460mm swing, 11kW spindle motor, 1500mm between centres. Cutting edge design and construction quality. Uses high performance cast iron with Warren-type construction for maximum strength and optimum swarf clearance.

Machine Specification

Harrison Alpha 1460XS

Height of centres 230mm
Distance between centres 1500mm
Swing over bed 460mm
Swing in gap 730mm
Gap width from face plate 216mm
Swing over cross-slide 270mm
Spindle bore 78mm
Spindle nose Camlock D1-8
Spindle centre height from floor 1145mm
Taper in Nose bush No.5 MT
Spindle speed ranges (1-247 rpm) (1-740 rpm) (1-2200 rpm)
Spindle motor S3 – 40% 11kW (10.0 hp)
Constant power range 71 – 2200
X-axis Working Stroke 296mm
X-axis Thrust (@ stall torque) 5.97kN
X-axis Programmed rapid traverse rate (G00) 8m/min
X-axis Manual mode traverse rate (jog) 3m/min
X-axis CNC rapid traverse rate (jog) 2m/min
X-axis Maximum programmed feedrate 7750 mm/min
Z-axis Working Stroke 1530mm
Z-axis Thrust (@ stall torque) 12.53kN
Z-axis Programmed rapid traverse rate (G00) 10m/min
Z-axis Manual mode traverse rate (jog) 6m/min
Z-axis CNC rapid traverse rate (jog) 2m/min
Z-axis Maximum programmed feedrate 7750 mm/min
Type of Threads Metric, Imperial, Diametral, Module
Width over bed ways 400mm
Width of cross-slide 204mm
Cross-slide travel 310mm
Tailstock quill diameter 95mm
Tailstock quill travel 145mm
Tailstock quill taper quill No.6 MT
Standard Electrics 400V AC + 10%/-15% 50/60Hz
Electrical supply required 15 kVA

Harrison Alpha 1460XS lathes uk

Standard Equipment

Manually operated tailstock
315mm (12") dia. 3-Jaw geared scroll, super precision, self centering chuck
Quick Change Toolpost with 4 Standard, 1 Vee & 1 No. 3 MT Holders and 2 Wrenches for height stop and clamp adjustment
Electrically interlocked chuck guard
Fully enclosed interlocked guarding
Independent sliding operators console
300100 - Machine Lighting
29010L - Standard Electric Coolant Pump, Tank, Hose & fittings
11011A - Machine Toolbox Comprising :- Centre Bush, No 5 MT Centre, No 6 MT Centre, 27mm x 30mm Spanner, Set of Metric Wrenches, Grease Gun
Automatic Slideway & Ballscrew Lubrication
Swarf tray (Roll-out)
Operation & Spare Parts Manual. Accuracy chart
Fanuc OiTD Controller with integrated 10.4" Colour Touch LCD & Separate MDI Keypad
Operation Modes :- Alpha, ISO,  AlphaLink (CAD/CAM) and Manual Guide i
AlphaLink for Windows (fast download) software, complete with approx. 5M. of RS232 cable
Hands on Tutorial & Quick reference Guide booklets

Harrison Alpha 1460XS Lathe

Image shown - Harrison Alpha 1550XS x 2000mm

Harrison Alpha 460Plus Gap Bed Centre Lathe


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