Europa Super 6BVS Bedmill


Europa Super 6BVS Bed Type Mechanical Vari Speed machine with a table size of 380 x 1524mm. AC Inverter drive control on X/Y/Z axes. Y / Z axis with square ways, Hardened and ground. Bed type construction to accommodate large and heavy workpieces. This is a stock bedmill

Specification Milling Machine
Table size 380 x 1524mm
Table load capacity 1100lbs
Number of T-slots 3
T-slots width 18mm
T-slots centre distance 80mm
Table ways (X axis) Dovetail
Bed ways (Y axis) Square
Column ways (Z axis) Square
Longitudinal (X axis) ~ Manual 1050mm
Cross (Y axis) ~ Manual 500mm
Vertical (Z axis) ~ Manual 600mm
With concertina way covers vertical travel reduce 50mm
Quill 127mm
Head tilt (left or right) 90 degrees
X/Y axis feeds 28-1100mm/min
Z axis feeds 18-788mm/min
X/Y axis AC motor 1HP W/- Brake
X/Y/Z axis AC motor 1/2HP W/- Brake
X/Y/Z Inverter driver 1HP
Spindle motor 5HP W/-Brake
Inverter drive 5HP
Low gear range (rpm) 50Hz / 60Hz 65-590rpm
High gear (rpm) 50Hz / 60Hz 575-5160rpm
Spindle taper NT40
Spindle bearing CP4
Quill feed in/revolution 0.0016/0.003/0.006
Quill feed mm/revolution 0.05/0.08/0.15
Quill diameter 105mm


Machine equipped with
X/Y/Z Brake motors
X/Y/Z AC Inverter drive control
X/Y Axis fitted W/- HTD Belt drive
Z Manual brake
Quill feed dial indicator
Electromagnetic brake on spindle motor
CP4 Abec7 Angular contact spindle bearing
C7 Double nut6 X/Y/Z ballscrews
Wear resistance film on saddle X/Y/Z ways
Table hardened and ground, T slots ground
4 handwheels W/- clutch lever
X Front dual handwheels
Electric box W/-lockable main switch
Long arm halogen work light
Auto lube W/- Alarm
Coolant system/pump
Heavy duty swarf tray
Steel front, rubber rear, Y Way covers
Z axis concertina way covers
Meehanite castings
Y/Z Square ways hardened/ground
Tools & Toolbox and Parts List
Operation Manual, Test & Accuracy Chart


EUROPA Milltech Super 6BVS Bedmill


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