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With a wealth of knowledge on the most demanding applications and partnerships with suppliers built over many years, RK International Machine Tools Limited provides one of the widest ranges of Grinding Machines from a single supplier in the UK.

Below your will find videos from:

  • PERFECT: Surface Grinders with reciprocal or rotary tables. From conventional, Semi Automatic and PLC models including the latest High Precision X Series.
  • ROBBI: Italian manufactured ROBBI offers Universal and Internal Cylindrical Grinding Machines along with Horizontal tube Honing Machines. Conventional, PLC utilising the T6 control or CNC models.
  • EUROPA JAINNHER: Since the 1990's, RK International have been working with JAINNHER on the range of Centreless Grinding Machines. With both Plunge and Thru-Feed applications catered for, manual, NC and CNC models are available with varying levels of automation.
  • DELTA: For the most demanding of Surface Grinding applications where additional technology is required, the DELTA MINI, MAXI and ROTAX series provides the highest levels of precision. The popular DELTA ELLE series of Vertical Spindle surface grinders with fixes, rotary or reciprocal options offer high productivity, outstanding material removal all within a compact footprint.

PERFECT X Series High Accuracy Surface Grinder with ADP PLC.

PERFECT PFG-60150AHR Surface Grinder with AD5 Auto Down Feed Control.

PERFECT PFG-50200AHR under going final grinding trials on a 1750mm perforated die for Berkshire based, Robert Bion and Co Ltd. Please note: Machine Guarding removed for factory trials only.

PERFECT PFG-50100AHR with full enclosure. Machine review prior to despatch to a UK customer.

ROBBI T6 PLC Control - Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machines.

EUROPA JAINNHER Centreless Grinding Machines - Introduction.

EUROPA JAINNHER Centreless Grinding Machines - Europa Jainnher JHC18S CNC 6 Axes + Loading and Unloading Device.

DELTA Surface Grinding Machines - DELTA LP500/200 with Oscillating Head.

DELTA Surface Grinding Machines - Ceramic grinding on a rotary table.

DELTA Surface Grinding Machines - LC500 Rotary Table Surface Grinder with L11E.

DELTA Surface Grinding Machinery - Exceptional build quality with Hydrostatic Slideways.

DELTA Surface Grinding Machine Designed by DELTA, this Mackensen type spindle utilises Hydrodynamic principle for no metal-to-metal contact.


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