Colchester Triumph 2000 Gap Bed Centre Lathe


387mm swing x 1250mm between centres. Spindle bore 54mm. Spindle speeds (16) 25-2000rpm. Equipped with 3 & 4 jaw chucks, collet chuck and assorted collets, faceplate, quick change toolpost and 4-off toolholders, dual dials, fitted to topslide and cross slide, apron dial, fixed and travelling steadies, coolant system, chuck guard, lighting, rear splashguard. NB: Machine refurbished and repainted.

Machine specification

Centre height 190mm
Distance between centres 1250mm
Swing over bed 387mm
Swing over cross slide 241mm
Swing in gap 584mm
Width of gap in front of faceplate 240mm
Spindle bore (max. Bar dia) 54mm
Spindle nose mounting D1-6 Camlock
Taper in spindle nose bush & tailstock barrel No. 4 Morse
Width of bedways 279mm
Total travel of cross slide 235mm
Total travel of top slide 120mm
Total travel of tailstock barrel 155mm
Spindle speeds (16) 25-2000rpm
Drive vee belt and clutches
Spindle motor 5.6kW
Whitworth threads (45) 2 – 72 tpi
Diametral threads (21) 8 – 44 DP
Metric pitches (39) 0.2 – 14mm
Module pitches (18) 0.3 – 3.5 mod
Sliding feeds, per rev. of spindle 0.0015 – 0.040”
Surfacing feeds, per rev. of spindle 0.00075 – 0.020”
Machine in Imperial execution


Machine equipped with

3 & 4 Jaw chucks
Collet chuck and assorted collets
Quick change toolpost and 4 off toolholders
Dual metric/imperial reading dials fitted to top slide and cross slide
Apron dial
Stationary steady
Travelling steady
Chuck guard
Coolant System
Rear splashguard



    £ P.O.A
    • Serial Number : 6/0044/23437
    • Year : 1977
    • Condition : used
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