Sedgwick Type CP 410 x 230mm Planer Thicknesser


Solidly built from steel and cast iron by Sedgwick these planer thicknessers are built for the heavy wear and tear encountered in professional workshops. The cast iron tables fitted to the machines are planed for accuracy and continuity.


Surface capacity 410mm
Thicknessing width 410mm
Thicknessing depth 230mm
Surface table length 1700mm
Infeed table length 850mm
Surface table height 900mm
Thicknessing table length 600mm
Cutterblock diameter 102mm
Cutterblock knives 3
Cutterblock speed 4000rpm
Feed roller diameter 51mm
Feed speeds 4.5 and 7m/min
Fence size 900 x 140mm
Tilting angle of fence 0 - 45 degrees
Overall dimensions:  L x W x H 1950 x 1050 x 1275mm
Extraction outlet diameter 150mm
Weight 560kg
Motor (main) 4kW
Power 3 Phase



Steel and cast iron construction
Built for heavy wear and tear in professional workshops
Cast iron tables planed for accuracy and continuity
Easily adjusted rigid side fence, adjustable Shaw guards for rebating
Separate feed drive motor, three phase options have two feed speeds
Braked motor, conveniently located emergency stop switch


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