Sedgwick Model PT 255 x 180mm Planer Thicknesser


The Sedgwick PT255 planer thicknesser is designed and built for precision, long life and minimum maintenance. Its rigid mainframe assembly (cast iron base, side frames, and fixed outfeed table) gives exceptional stability, and accurately houses the feed and cutterblock bearings, and the infeed and thicknessing tables.

Surface capacity 255mm
Thicknessing width 255mm
Thicknessing depth 180mm
Rebate depth 13mm
Surface table length 1200mm
Infeed table length 600mm
Surface table height 830mm
Thicknessing table length 600mm
Cutterblock diameter 80mm
Cutterblock knives 3
Feed roller diameter 40mm
Feed speeds 5.5
Fence size 550 x 90mm
Cutter block motor 1.5kW
Weight 170kg
Dust extraction outlet diameter 125mm
Total air volume required 775cmh
Dimensions:  L x W x H 1400 x 800 x 1160mm


Machine Complete With
Cast iron base
Side frames
Surface and thickness tables
Two knife cutter block
Chip breakers and blade setting screws
Cast iron fence with 45o tilt
Front and rear cutter block guards
Spring adjustable shaw guards for rebating
Control gear with mushroom stop lock
Tool kit (incl. chip extraction hood with 125mm outlet) and operator’s manual


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