Romi DCM 620 Series 5 Axis Machining Centres


Romi DCM620 5 axis machining centres. The 5F has the Siemens 828D package controlling the 5 sided machining ability, where as the full 5 axis simultaneous DCM620-5X model will have the more powerful Siemens 840D.

ROMI DCM 620-5X / DCM 620-5F - the 5-axis / 5-sided vertical machining centres from the ROMI DCM620 Series are equipped with the SIEMENS CNC, which allows for high performance of parts with both simple and complex geometry in a single setup, ensuring remarkable savings in setup and cycle time. The support casting of the table assures total stability in high load operations.

The coolant minimises any heat distortions within the headstock, assuring perfect alignment of the spindle centreline when machining operations which demand high accuracy for Z axis positioning.


Romi DCM 620 5 Axis Machining Centres UK


ROMI DCM 620-5X / DCM 620-5F

Main Technical Features

      ROMI DCM 620-5F       ROMI DCM 620-5X
Spindle taper ISO 40 40
Speed ranges rpm 10,000 15,000
Rapid traverse ( X / Y / Z axes) m/min 36 36
X axis travel mm 620 620
Y axis travel mm 520 520
Z axis travel mm 460 460
Table surface mm 600 x 600 600 x 600
Tool capacity - 30 30
Main motor AC (S6 - 40% - 10 min. rating) hp/kW 24/18 24/18

Romi DCM620 5 Axis Table Structure

Capacity for the DCM 620Machines.

Romi DCM620 Capacity

Headstock cooling system
Spindle cartridge and clamping flange, between the motor and
the cartridge, are cooled by a fluid recirculating system specific for the headstock to ensure thermal and geometric stability for the assembly. Headstock housing has a chamber which involves the cartridge housing for cooling fluid circulation. Cooling system is comprised of one cooling unit (heat - fluid air exchanger) which enables the circulation of cooling fluid in headstock housing to remove all heating generated by spindle roller bearings. The system reduces the variation of temperature between headstock and immediate surroundings so that the headstock temperature is kept as similar as possible to the ambient temperature. The great benefit of the headstock cooling system is the minimization of thermal distortions of the housing and the assurance of perfect alignment of spindle center line in machining operations which demand high precision of Z axis positioning.

Software control

Both the Rmi DCM620 machine run Siemens software. The 620-5F machine runs the Siemens 828D package, great for 5 face machining. The full 5 axis simultanious machine requires a bit more processing power, so Siemens 840D is used on the Romi DCM620-5X model.

Romi DCM620 A5 Axis Siemens Control Versions



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