Haco Fixed Angle Hydralic Notcher ~ Mini


The smallest HACO high precision corner notcher, built in a sturdy monoblock construction, made to last. This MINI can notch a 90 degree angle in 4mm mild steel with maximum length of 220mm. The MINI has a large working table with 2 adjustable quick set stops and scales. The blade area is covered with a plexi cover to guard the operator.



MINI 220/4
Capacity Mild Steel (450N/mm2) 4mm
Capacity Mild Steel (450N/mm2) at 60o N/A
Blade Length 220mm
Angle 90o Deg
Strokes per minute 35
Table dimensions 650 x 650mm
Motor power 2kW
Overall dimensions 650 x 750 x 1050mm
Weight 5500kg


Standard Equipment

Hydraulic angle notching machine with fixed angle 90 degrees   (Mini 220/4 & Maxi 250/6)
Hydraulic angle notching machine with fixed angle 30-140 degrees (Vari 220/6 – Combi 220/6)
Automatic blade gap adjustment
2 position stops with scale, adjustment ever 15 Degrees, clamping handle for intermediate positions
2 mechanical plate hold downs
Large working table with slots and brass scales
60 Degrees negative blades to cut stainless steel                         (Vari 220/6 – Combi 220/6)
Mechanical vertical stroke adjuster with readout                         (Vari 220/6 – Combi 220/6)
Mechanical stroke adjuster                                                               (Mini 220/4 & Maxi 250/6)
Transparent hand safety guards
Internal stop with millimetric scale
Foot pedal control
Hydraulic oil


Extra Workstation On Combi 220/6
Cavity to accept punching, rectangular notching and bending tooling
Bending speed adjustment from 0-10mm/s
Back gauge for bending operations
Adjustment of working pressure
Working table with slots
Press capacity 200kN
Millimetric scales
Transparent hand safety guard


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