Haco Model ATT 30-1525 Atlantic Blue Line Punching Machines


Punching Solutions both in Performance and Price Range: By offering the choice between the well known HACO Q-Series machines and the ATT-series classical thick-turret style, HACO offers a full range of punching solutions both in performance and price. The ATT30-1525 offers a sheet size of 1500 x 2500mm with a maximum sheet thickness of 6.35mm.


Nominal punching force 300kN
Maximum hit rate / min* 300
Sheet size – Y 1500mm
Sheet size – X 2500mm
Maximum X/Y traverse speed ** 106m/min
Positional accuracy +/- 0.1mm
Maximum sheet thickness 6.35mm
Maximum punching diameter 88.9mm
Number of stations 30 stations


Standard Equipment

Siemens 802D SL operator control combining all components of a CNC (NC, PLC, HMI) and drive control in a single unit
Thick turret tool holder
Consists of 30 stations
2-off auto index “D” stations


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