Boxford A3HSRi2 PC Controlled CNC Router


The BOXFORD A3HSRmi2 is a benchtop CNC router controlled via a PC, and is suitable for machining hardwoods, softwoods, manufactured boards, plastics and other synthetic materials. Enclosed in a single cabinet which also houses the integrated electronic controller, the router can be easily moved around the work space, particularly when paired with the optional cabinet base with casters.

Axis travel X (longitudinal) 575mm
Y (cross) 325mm
Z (vertical) 130mm
Table Area 750mm x 400mm
Spindle motor 1000 watts
Spindle speed 8000 - 23000rpm
Electrics 110/220/240 V 1Phase
Feed rate 5000mm/min
Rapid feed rate at 100% 5000mm/min
3D Profiling feed rate up to 8500mm/min


CNC Features
The Boxford software is an integrated suite of powerful CAD/CAM tools
The CAD provides a variety of drawing tools including text fonts with excellent manipulation routines.
Drawings from other CAD applications can also be imported and processed.  A full 3D simulation of the manufacturing process, including a cycle time, can be shown enabling work to be proven without the need for trial runs on the machine.  Manual data input, utilising Industrial Standard Codes, allows programs to be entered using either line by line or conversational programming.
Incorporates hardware capable of continuous 3 axis movement utilising the latest Continuous Path Manufacturing technology.  This allows large programs, imported from Major CAD/CAM packages, to be machined extremely efficiently and is an essential machine feature for successful manufacture of 3D reliefs.
Designed for both 3D manufacture, the long Z axis travel allows the machining of tall components
The powerful 1kW high frequency spindle motor and rigid machine construction allows the use of high material removal rate strategies producing a component throughput lighter machines cannot match
Touch sensitive control panel incorporating illuminated push buttons allows the machines to be operated without a computer.
Active and accurate tool path graphics continuously displayed line by line during program write, test run and manufacture.


Safety Equipment & Features
Full perimeter guarding with interlocking switches on access doors arranged in the positive (safety) mode for spindle stop and feed hold
Overload cut out on spindle drive
Positive end stops on all axes
Mandatory simulation required for new programs before machining cycle can be commenced.  Step by step execution of graphics in advance of cut in machining cycle.
Integrated electrical panel with no volt supply protection
Feed rate over ride
Feed hold
Single block operation
Latching emergency stop button
Power on indicator lamp
Low voltage control circuitry






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