Addison Tronzadoras MG TLG350A Aluminium Saw


Tronzadoras MG manufacture a large range of sawing machines for aluminium sections and profiles. This TLG350A has a 350mm Carbide tipped blade (TCT) and come with infeed rollers and outfeed tables with a measuring system. Accurate high speed cutting giving a clean sawn edge. Powered rise of the saw blade – semi automatic operation.

Addison Tronzadoras MG TLG350A Aluminium Sawing machine

Blade size 350mm TCT
Cutting speeds 3000rpm
Motor 1.5kW
Cutting Capacity @ 90/45deg 125mm max height, 200mm max width
Blade swivel movement 45deg right, 90deg left
Approx.  Weight 150Kg


Machine Equipped with
Interlocked hood

Pneumatic hold down clamps

3500 mm outfeed roller table with measuring facility

3500mm infeed roller table

Adjustable material stop


Addison Tronzadoras MG TLG350A


Used non ferrous Saws UK stock.

We also sell the Gemma Group Aluminium sawing machines.

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    • Serial Number : 040145
    • Year : 2004
    • Condition : used
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