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We offer a wide range of saws for education. The popular RJH fret saw, Scroll saws and tilt arbour saw benches from Wadkin and Sedgwick.

There is also the popular range from Startrite and Record Power available, so please ask us for anything you may need.

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RJH Swordfish SW Series Scroll Saws

The SWORDFISH has been designed to meet strict performance and safety criteria, and is ideal for use in schools and colleges. These machines are suitable for working on wood, acrylic or metal. They comply with UK COSHH regulations, the European Machinery Directive and with BS 4163:2014 “Health and Safety for Design and Technology in schools and similar establishments”.

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Sedgwick Model TA 315 Tilt Arbor Saw Bench

Machine for education and tertiary establishments. The backbone of a joinery workshop is the SEDGWICK TA 315 sawbench. Powerful, accurate, reliable and simple and safe to operate. Their strength is in their construction, precision engineering, and our insistence on using only the best quality components.

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Wadkin BRA350 Radial Arm Cross Cut Saw

Machine for education and tertiary establishments.The WADKIN BRA Radial Arm Crosscut Saw is designed with long-term accuracy and durability in mind. Available in 350mm, 400mm and 450mm models which enables 108mm, 133mm and 155mm cutting capacities, it is suitable for a wide range of industries. The carriage of the BRA revolves and the blade cants to 45o.

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Wadkin AGS 430 Tilt Arbor Sawbench

The WADKIN AGS is a valuable asset to any education or tertiary establishment workshop. The AGS 430 is a heavy duty general purpose tilt-arbor sawbench capable of deep ripping stock up to 140mm, with conveniently located controls enabling quick, easy and accurate adjustments.

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