Fabrication & Sheetmetal

Fabrication & Sheetmetal Machinery.

This section covers a wide range of machinery and processes to do with all things fabrication. We cover sections for punching, rolling/bending, grinding and the modern steelworker range

Take a look through some of the fabrication machines below, call us on 01322 447611 or click the Fabrication menu above for further detailed information.

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Kingsland Multi Steelworkers

Kingsland Multi Steelworkers. Kingsland, part of the Haco Group, is an established designer and manufacturer of top-quality universal steelworkers/ironworkers and punching machines. Well engineered, robust steelworkers, built for a long working life. These universal machines are supplied with standard tooling including repetition support tables at punch, shear and notch stations and with easily adjusted holddowns at all five work stations to safely control the operations. Comprehensive safety guards are fitted as standard on all work stations. Free standing on a suitable floor, they just require electrical connection to be ready for work.

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Kingsland 50P Hydraulic Punching Machine

The KINGSLAND 50P is developed for maximum production purposes and efficiency. Wide applications – for large hole punching, crimping, tube notching, bar bending, sheet bending, punch press applications. Interchangeable bearings, seals and valves readily available.

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HM Machinery TAS 150 Belt Grinder

Industrial Abrasive Belt Grinders, now offering the option to now retro-fit both pipe-notching and centreless grinding equipment. Electronic motor braking system within the switch to ensure faster and safer stopping of the belt within a few seconds. Heavier duty 3Kw/4.1HP & 3.6Kw/4.8HP motor to provide increased performance and durability. New more effective 2-point integrated dust extraction available (TAS X Models).

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Haco Q5 CNC Punching Machine

The Haco Series Q5 CNC punching machines convert your workshop into one with the highest productivity and flexibility that can be achieved with a CNC sheet metal machine. With 22 or 30 tons high speed servo hydraulic punching head, rotation axis for all tools, and standard interpolation parameters, the Haco Q5 series is the perfect and most flexible CNC punch press. The large fully-brushed sheet support tables and the standard repositioning cylinders, allow for standard sheet sizes to be processed easily.

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Haco Fixed Angle Hydralic Notcher ~ Mini

The smallest HACO high precision corner notcher, built in a sturdy monoblock construction, made to last. This MINI can notch a 90 degree angle in 4mm mild steel with maximum length of 220mm. The MINI has a large working table with 2 adjustable quick set stops and scales. The blade area is covered with a plexi cover to guard the operator.

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Haco Blue Line ATP Pressbrakes

The combination of Haco in house, Belgian design and manufactured operator controls and low cost machine manufacturing process in our new factory in the far east, allows us to produce machinery that is more competitive in price and has a higher level of technology and reliability than its competitors.

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Haco High Capacity HDSY Pressbrakes

A custom designed press brake starting at 400T up to 1.200T HACO build custom designed press brakes starting at 400T up to 1,200T. We also design tandem and even tridem press brakes to bend very long sheets, e.g.: light pole forming or modular buildings bases. Our frame is a rigid bolted construction, stress relieved and […]

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