Matsuura ES-450H II Horizontal Machining Centre


Used Matsuura ES 450H II Horizontal Machining Centre with Fanuc 18iM Control. Traverses: X-450mm, Y-400mm, Z-400mm.


X axis (column right/left) 450mm
(250 on the left, 200 on the right)
Y axis (spindle head up/down) 400mm
Z axis (pallet back/forth) 400mm (+250; when pallet is changed)
Distance between pallet top surface to spindle nose 80~480mm
Distance between pallet centre to column slideways 120~520mm
Working area on pallet 300 x 300mm
Maximum load weight on pallet 200kg
Pallet surface Tapped hole (size x q’ty) M12 x P1.75 x 32mm
Table indexing angle 1 degree
Table indexing speed 1.5 sec/90°
1.9 sec/180°
Coupling clamp force 27.3kN
Spindle speed 50~15000minˉ¹
Spindle speed variation S 5-digit direction designation
Spindle taper BT40 (Correspond to big plus tool)
Spindle bearing ID 70Ømm
Maximum spindle torque 105/1000minˉ¹ Nm
10.7/000 minˉ¹ kgf m
Spindle air blow Standard
Spindle orientation Standard (electric)
Tool clamp force 8.2kN
Feed Rate
Rapid traverse rate (X/Y/Z) 40000mm/min
Cutting federate (X/Y/Z) 1~15000mm/min
Manual continuous (jog) federate 0~4000mm/in
Least output increment 0.001mm
Automatic Tool Changer
Tool holder type JIS B 6339 tool shank 40T
Pull stud type JIS B 6339 pull stud 40P
Tool storage 30cs
Maximum tool diameter 90mm
150mm (with restrictions)
Maximum tool length 300mm
Maximum tool weight 8kg
Method of tool selection Addresses code & random selection bi-directional magazine rotation. (T4)
Tool change time (tool to tool) 1.5 sec (less than 6kg)
2.0 sec (more than 6kg)
Tool change time (chip to chip) 3.2 sec (conditions: 25% of X-/Y- axis stroke, spindle speed at 1000 minˉ¹)
Tool pot pitch 95.25mm
Automatic Pallet Changer
Number of pallets 2
Pallet change system Turn-table method
Pallet change time 8.5 sec
Pallet change time (pallet to pallet) 9.0 sec
Pallet clamp force 41.5kN
Pallet weight/pce 40kg
Pallet size 300 x 300mm
Maximum load weight 200kg
Spindle motor; Alpha T8/1500 AC 11.0/7.5kW (30min./contn.rate)
Feed motors          X Axis: model α 22/3000 AC 4.4kW
                                         Y Axis: model α 22/2000 with brake AC 4.4kW
                                         Z Axis: model α 22/3000 AC 4.4kW
Hydraulic motor AC 1.5kW
Lubrication motor AC 0.02kW
Coolant motor AC 0.75kW
Required Power Capacity
Total electric capacity (depends on options provided) 34KVA (PC2)
AC200/220 ± 10%, 50/60 Hz ± 1 Hz
Except above, transformer is required.
Air source 0.54~0.93MPa
Air capacity 400 L/min (atmospheric pressure)
Tank Capacity
Hydraulic tank capacity 15L
Lubrication tank capacity 2.7L
Coolant tank capacity 200L
Machine height (from the floor) 2470mm
Required floor space (including area for maintenance) 3600 x 4200mm
Machine weight (including the controller) 5700kg
Table surface height (from the floor) 1000mm


Standard Attachments

Tool enclosure guard (with top cover)
Chip flow
Synchronized tap
Spindle oil cooler
Spindle overload protection
Feed axis interface prevention device
Work light (fluorescent light)
M code counter (9 kinds)


Machine equipped with

Fanuc 18iM Control
Through spindle coolant
Laser tool probe
Spindle probe interface (no probe)
Swarf conveyor



  • Serial Number : 000914272
  • Year : 2000
  • Condition : used