Universal machining centre

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MODIG RIGIMILL High Speed Gantry long bed machine

Single Spindle High-Speed Gantry – Roughing and Finishing in Aluminium or Titanium

For the first time ever it is possible to operate one machine for high speed roughing and optimal finishing.
RigiMill, long bed machining – two different machines on one bed, configured with the customised gantries you require for milling aluminium or titanium. Our footprint occupies one-third less space than other gantries. Cycle time is reduced 30-50%. Just think what that does to optimise productivity and reduce tooling costs. Per minute chip removal rates up to 55 cubic inches in titanium and 970 cubic inches in aluminium make this machine a world leader.

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Sahos Dynamic Range of Machining Centres

The DYNAMIC compact machining centre is determined for surface and form machining by the means of milling and drilling. The centre is used mainly for the machining of models, forms, etc wherever there is the need for accurate and productive machining. The modular construction of the machine makes it possible to adjust the machine for certain types of production. Its versatility, engineering characteristics, wide range of equipment and accessories make it possible to cover a wide spectrum of production processes and enable quick adjustment for different types of products.

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MODIG HHV Universal Bar and Extrusion Milling Machine

The Modig HHV Extrusion Mill has been designed as a universal machining centre for aerospace extrusion components. It has the capability of bar stock machining both Aluminum and Composite components in one single operation or setting. The HHV Extrusion Mill was developed in close cooperation with the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer and from its introduction in 2010, it quickly rose to become the first choice of leading aircraft producers. Tests have also been made on bar stock materials by our profiling machine revealed reduced machining time per part of approximately 30% compared with standard three and four axis machining. At one of the world’s leading airplane builders, we measured a reduced processing time of 50%.

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